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Terms & Conditions

100% Garantie d'achat sécurisé

 Our products are unique handcrafts. Artisans take time and care in their efforts to create these crafts.
 All Moorish Treasures items are in stock in our warehouse, unless otherwise noted in this site.

We will ship in-stock merchandise immediately. If you choose to backorder additional quantities during check out, you will be charged the entire order amount. The available products will be sent to you immediately and the back order remainder will be shipped as soon as we receive it in our warehouse. Since delivery times for back orders are different depending on the product, please contact us for more information.

 ** Frais d'expédition / échanges / retours **

 Frais d'expédition Vos frais d'expédition sont déterminés par le poids et la taille de vos articles. L'expédition est mentionnée avec les détails du produit. Pour les articles plus gros et plus lourds, la livraison est en moyenne d'environ 15% du coût par commande. Échanges

Si vous échangez des marchandises, vous êtes responsable du coût de leur retour. L'expédition d'un article de remplacement de valeur égale ou inférieure est gratuite; cependant, si vous souhaitez mettre à niveau votre méthode d'expédition ou acheter des articles supplémentaires, vous êtes responsable du coût des articles supplémentaires et des frais d'expédition.


If your item has been damaged during shipping, we will make every effort to replace it. Items may be returned for refund only if request is made within 7 days of reception and before sending the item back.

Please be aware that due to the handcrafted nature of our products, many are limited in quantity and availability. If for this reason we cannot replace the item you originally ordered, we will assist you by suggesting similar products or crediting your credit card account the full price of the item.

Contact made after 7 days, but no more than 15 days, will result in a store credit in lieu of a refund. No returns will be honored if refund request is made after 15 days of reception. 

Please note that we do not absorb shipping costs if you are exchanging or returning an item unless it was damaged, defective, or the incorrect item. 

Disclaimer: Due to the hand-made nature of the products shown, some items may vary in color and size from the depicted image. Please note that these variations are not considered a defect.
 Moorish Treasures ships to most countries worldwide. If you would like an estimate of your shipping charge, please contact us before placing your order. International orders cannot be shipped express.

Duty and taxes are the responsibility of the recipient.

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