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Privacy Policy

Secured Payment

Moroccan Design © uses the latest encryption technology to insure that your information is secured. Paypal handles our Payment gateway. Peace of mind for the online buyer to know that his credit card number is being processed directly through Paypal, Moroccan Design do not have access or keep any information related to the payment.

Paypal integrates several fraud prevention measures to maximize the security of your private online information. These measures include but are not limited to: Data Integrity involves ensuring the consistency of data during transmission from the user’s computer to Paypal. Specifically, data integrity involves preventing unauthorized creation, alteration or destruction of data from unauthorized sources through the Internet.

Ongoing protection of your transaction information

24 hours a day, 7 days a week – Paypal utilize sophisticated data integrity checks that control the risk of data alteration during transmission to identify any data that has been altered. Encryption is a way to control data integrity
Encryption makes it difficult for an unauthorized party to read transaction data. Before a change to data can be made, the data must first be decrypted. In the event data is altered inadvertently or due to a transmission failure or by unauthorized parties, the fact that the data was altered can be identified and the transaction rejected since the integrity is suspect.Internal System Controls over the systems that use the data are implemented to ensure the integrity of data while it is being processed by Paypal.We encourage our customers to register for a free Paypal account to avoid entering their personal information every time they shop with us.

Privacy vow

Personal Information

Moroccan Design © recognizes the importance of protecting individual privacy on the Internet. We consider personally identifiable information such as customer name, address, phone/fax numbers, e-mail address, company name and title to be confidential. As a result, this information is securely stored in our database and is not made available to outside parties that are not directly involved with the purpose in which the information was gathered.

Third party Internet sites and services accessible through affiliated Moroccan Design web sites maintain their own privacy policies and data collection practices. We have no responsibility or liability for these independent policies or actions and we recommend you review them before transmitting personal information on those pages.

Summary Information

Moroccan Design may track summary and statistical data regarding the usage of information and Internet sites within our network. Examples may include page hits, geographic and demographic information, search preferences, response rates, etc. reported in aggregated format, and not identifiable to any particular user or customer.

At any time, you may also request to review or correct your personal information that we maintain in our database. Feel free to change your profile information by clicking on “Change Profile” or contact us at [email protected] for further information.

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